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Multi Magazine Loader

Specification : 上板机 M、L、LL、XL     下板机 M、L、LL、XL
Model : 上板机 ES-D-300-M、ES-D-300-L、ES-D-300-LL、ES-D-300-XL
Color : 白色


Technique Parameter


This unit is used for loading and unloading of PCBs



Up:1Rack Down:2Rack


Magazine Change Over Time

Approx 30 seconds or Specify


Indexing pitch

10,20,30,40mm or Specify


Power Source

AC 100V or 220V ; 1Phase


Power Consumption

300VA Max.


Air Pressure&Consume

4-6bar,10 ltr/min Max.


Specification Parameter

Machine Name:Loader、Unloader


Size:Loader  M、L、LL、XL

     Unloader  M、L、LL、XL


Model:Loader   ES-D-300-M、ES-D-300-L、ES-D-300-LL、ES-D-300-XL

Unloader   ES-D-301-M、ES-D-301-L、ES-D-301-LL、ES-D-301-XL


Machine Dimension(LxWxH):

Loader  1330x764x1250、1650x844x1250、1801x1027x1250、1658x1103x1250

Unloader  1930x764x1250、2570x844x1250、2660x909x1250、2673x1100x1785


Effective PCB Size:

Loader  50x50-330x250、50x50-445x330、50x50-530x390、50x50-530x460

Unloader  50x50-330x250、50x50-445x330、50x50-530x390、50x50-530x460


Weight(Kg):Loader  140、200、240、300

           Unloader  160、220、280、320


Rack Size(LxWxH):Loader  355x320x560、460x400x560、535x460x570、535x530x570

                Unloader  355x320x560、460x400x560、535x460x570、535x530x570



User friendly membrane control panel

Top & bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack

Self diagnostic Error code display

Pressure regulated on pusher's to prevent board damage

SMEMA compatible