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Destacker/Push-Up Stacker

Specification : 层叠式上板机  M、L 层叠式下板机  M、L
Model : 层叠式上板机  MLS-280-M、MLS-280-L
Color :


Technique Parameter


Destacker:This unit is for loading of bare PCBs onto the production line 

Push-Up Stacker:This unit is used for restacking of PCBs at the end of the line


Belt Type

Antistatic Flat Belt


Maximum PCBs Capacity

400pcs(0.6mm thick PCB)


Power Source

AC 100V or 220V ; 1Phase


Power Consumption

150VA Max.


Air Pressure&Consume

4-6bar,30 ltr/min Max.


Specification Parameter

Machine Name:Destacker、Push-Up Stacker


Size:Destacker  M、L

     Push-Up Stacker  M、L


Model:Destacker  MLS-280-M、MLS-280-L

Push-Up Stacker  MLS-281-M、MLS-281-L


Machine Dimension(LxWxH):

Destacker  503x669x1200、503x889x1200

Push-Up Stacker  503x669x1200、503x889x1200


Effective PCB Size:

Destacker  50x50-330x250mm、50x50-445x350mm

Push-Up Stacker  50x50-330x250mm、50x50-445x350mm


Weight(Kg):Destacker  180、200

Push-Up Stacker  180、200